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Administrators, otherwise known as sysops, admins, or teh adminz, are the overlords on Uncyclopedia. They make sure that you, the user, do what you are supposed to do. They can also delete stuff. And roll back wandalism. And block you from changing this wiki. But, they don't do that unless you actually try. They can also stop you from changing pages. But that's just for official pages. All in all, admins are not a better user. They just do grunt work so you don't have to.

List of bandits sysops

  1. CartoonistHenning - (talk)
  2. Colonel Sanders - (talk)
  3. Frosty - (talk)
  4. Helder Oliveira - (talk)
  5. Llwy-ar-lawr - (talk)
  6. Rhubella Marie - (talk)
  7. The Bard - (talk)