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Uncyclopedia will host its annual HalloweenOff for the first time this year. Judging it will be the de facto site owner and chicken magnate Colonel Sanders and his cousin, who will make her first appearance on the site. The goal is to write an article related to Halloween. The criteria, eh? Here's something I just came up with on the top of my head:

  • Has to be Halloween-related
  • At least 150 words and 1 image
  • Done before the deadline on the siteheader
  • Be vaguely amusing

The two judges, who will not submit entries as required by law, will grade the articles on a 1-50 scale with each rubric item being ten points

  • Amusingness (if that is indeed a word)
  • Formatting/Spelling/Grammer
  • Relevance to Halloween
  • Image(s)
  • Miscellaneous

The total from each judge will be posted on the talk page and this page. The person with the highest score out of 100 wins! Good luck!


  1. Halloweenie by Tubular Meat Corporation, Inc.