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Note: Common sense follows:

Getting banned on this wiki requires deliberate, disruptive behaviour. To be blocked here you must:

  • Vandalize pages,
  • Insert spam, and/or
  • Harass users

All in all, it's simple to avoid.


Note: The following section applies to Wikia's Uncyclopedia, and does not reflect the management of Uncyclopedia.info.
  • Fail to grovel (or grovel low enough)
  • Re-create a deleted article in good faith.
  • Accidentally revert the edits of an admin (still applies, even if you are an admin).
  • Disagree with an admin (still applies, even if you are an admin).
  • Pick a username that's too close to someone else's username.
  • Start a sockpuppet, for any reason (even though all the admins have sockpuppets).

All in all, less simple to avoid.